Hoy Viners en... La Vereda del Sol

Various industries were forced to stop operating to deal with the spread of the virus and adapt to the new reality. Others were forced to reinvent themselves or managed to create new actions. Today we interview Matias Aron , Co-Founder & CEO of Viners , a company that brings you the best wines from Argentina , with a single click and that made changes to overcome current adversities and move forward, walking down La Vereda del Sol .

dbiz.today: How has your company changed from this new world scenario?

Matias Aron: The impact was very big and very positive. Our sales volume increased fivefold in April, and May continues to grow. Our company was born in 2019 as a 100% online company, and that allowed us to be prepared for this moment. E-commerce is not simple, and it is necessary to have all the company's processes structured and synchronized to provide an excellent service.

dbiz.today: What is the new activity or relevant action that you are developing? Did they launch any new products?

Matias Aron: To support wineries in this difficult time, we launched the Viners Stores , together with wineries such as Zuccardi Valle de Uco, Trapiche Argentina Y Altos Las Hormigas , among others. In addition, we recently launched our Palate Test , seeking to further facilitate the choice of wines. With some questions about food and drinks, our algorithm understands what type of palate the consumer has, and we recommend wines and varietals according to that type of palate. It was an intense work between my partner Carlos Affur , Head Sommelier of Viners and the area of Technology.

dbiz.today: Did you have to hire specialized people to do this or are the employees themselves doing the task? If so, was any training provided?

Matias Aron: With the exponential growth in demand, we added a new COO to the team, Ariel Lopez , who is making big changes in the company. We also incorporated new technologies and managed to integrate 100% with Andreani Logística , improving the order tracking process. This allows us to monitor the status of shipments online and act in time if there is any delay (something that happens very rarely, even in this context).

dbi z.today: When this special moment is over... do you plan to continue with the new activity or product?

Matias Aron: We were born as a 100% online company, and we will continue on this path.

dbiz.today: Do you already have some visible results? And the expectation?

Matias Aron: The most important thing of all is that our customers are happy. According to surveys, 91% of customers would recommend our services, a very high metric for the segment. We hope that this pandemic ends soon and that sales continue to grow.

Media: dbiz.today

By Claudio Destefano

Link: http://dbiz.today/Bon_Vivire/GourmetBiz/Hoy_Viners_en

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