Otrania 45 Roaring Pinot Noir 2018

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Otronia, from the most extreme area of ​​Argentine Patagonia.

Driven by the constant search for the exploration of nature and superior quality, the businessman Alejandro Bulgheroni is faithful to his dream and creates a collection of excellent wineries and a portfolio of wines of great identity, personality and belonging to the place related to the origin of each product.

The winery is located in the south center of Chubut on the shores of Lake Musters -called Otrón by the ancient settlers-, almost on the border of Santa Cruz. It has 50 hectares of organic vineyards at parallel latitude 45.33 LS (out of a total of 70 hectares owned by the province) with varieties of Pinot Noir, Merlot, Chardonnay, Gewürztraminer and Pinot Gris. Due to their location, they are the southernmost vineyards in South America and in the world producing high quality wines.

It is located in the coldest region of the country with temperatures of up to 20°C below zero in winter. Frosts persist throughout the year, even during the vegetative cycle, a stage where temperature ranges are very extreme. Average temperatures throughout the year are between 3°C and 4°C lower, for example, compared to Valle del Uco. This is a factor that characterizes the region, favoring the great aromatic intensity, very good acidity, freshness and purity of the wines.

"Although the winds generate a challenging management of the vineyard, they provide a great benefit, they decrease the relative humidity and the development of diseases of the vine. The wind is one of the most important and key conditions of the place, conferring an absolute cleanliness of the air," says Alberto Antonini, Otronia's oenological consultant.

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